The elves have a far more complex currency system that uses different kinds of precious and semi-precious metals. Their economy is stronger and some human city-states even accept their currency at face value. While not all human city-states have a dedicated currency, elven coins are ubiquitous amongst the entire elven culture. They have four different forms of currency: obols, drachma, mina, and talents.

An obol (pl. oboloi) is a small, stamped rod of bronze about a half inch in diameter and about two inches in length. Its name literally translates as “nail” or “metal spit” which points to their original appearance being that of a long thin rod of copper or bronze. These are traded by weight and 5 obols weigh as much as a stater does — their stamps indicate that when it was minted that the obol was of the correct weight.

A drachma (pl. drachmae) is a stamped coin of silver. About two drachmae weigh about the same as a full stater. The name of these coins literally translates into “handful”, referring to the fact that a drachma is worth a handful of oboloi, officially noted to be six oboloi.

A mina (pl. minae) is a stamped coin of mithral. A mina is worth 60 drachmae, or 360 oboloi. Its name literally means “mines”. About five mina weight the same as a full stater.

A talent is the largest denomination of elven coinage. They are flat, bar-like ingots of orichalcum which have been stamped to denote its weight. A single talent is worth 60 minae, 3600 drachmae or 21,600 oboloi and weighs about as much as twelve staters.

An unskilled laborer can be expected to earn one drachma per day while a skilled laborer can earn upwards of two drachmae. A soldier can be expected to earn two minae for a twelveday of service and can feed his family on that pay.

Many human city-states will accept elven coinage in lieu of staters, accepting 30 drachmae per stater. Elven towns however will often refuse staters in place of their own coinage, though they often will have some way of exchanging between the currencies within their cities.


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